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The purpose of the terms & conditions is to make you aware of all the conditions of using our website www.found.com.pk; as a visitor or as a customer. We request you all to read all the terms and conditions very carefully before using our site. Using our website indicates that you agree to all the terms and conditions and would be following them. If you have any concerns or disagreement, then you are requested not to use our website.

Information about Found

found.com.pk is the Pakistan-based digital marketing agency intended to provide the assistance to the different businesses and brands to improve their digital marketing; increase their ROIs and become visible to their potential customers.

Service availability

  • You can access our site, but we would not be responsible for the unavailability of the service whether on the temporary basis or for a longer time.
  • We might restrict the access to the whole site or some areas of site for the users
  • The person who is accessing our site is responsible for making the arrangements to access our site.


We are the owner of all the intellectual property rights of this site and all the material present on this website is protected under the copyrights law. While using any material from this site, you should always acknowledge us as the author.

Using any parts of this site or the material for the commercial purpose is strictly prohibited without taking the permission from found.com.pk.

Reliability of information

The material present at our site is not intended for the advice on which you must rely. Therefore all the liability or the responsibility of depending on such material will be on the person relying on such content.


It is possible that we might update our site frequently or may change the whole content of this website. Also, we might suspend the access to our site. If any material is outdated then, in this case, it is not obligatory to us to update such material.


All the information you shared with us is not provided to any other. We process all the information according to our privacy policy. While using our site, you should ensure that all the information you provided to us is correct.


Our site might have the other links provided by the third side and these links are intended for the provision of the information only; therefore we are not liable or responsible for the damage or the issues arising by the use of this site; in this case, the person using these links would be responsible.


All the material that is present on the website of Found.com.pk is not provided with any warranty or guarantee due to the accurate information. The company is not liable for any kind of the direct or indirect damage or loss that is faced by the user in connection with the use or inability to use our site; or any other material that is in connection with this site, including without any kind of liability for:

  • Loss of data
  • Loss of business
  • Loss of profits
  • Corruption of data
  • Waste of time

Misuse and other offences

It is reminded that you must not misuse any kind of the information present on the website or should not misuse this site by introducing the harmful viruses, Trojans or the other sources that cause the harm to our site. Any kind of attempt made to gain the unauthorized access to this site would be considered as the offence and the company reserves the right to take the strong action against these acts.

Any kind of the threats given to the company will be immediately reported to the higher authorities, and the company reserves the right to take the strict action against these threatening acts.

Found.com.pk is not liable for the damages that might be caused to your computer, data or the other programs due to our site.


Found reserves the rights to make the changes in the existing terms and conditions anytime. Therefore, you must check this page time to time to keep yourself updated with the changes that are made.

In case of any kind of reservations about the material present on this site; please feel free to contact at: [[email protected]]
Thank you for visiting found.com.pk. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, then please do not use our website.

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