Search Engine Optimization

What is Search engine optimization?

Search Engine optimization seems like a complex technique, but it is not a rocket science… here we present the simple explanation for SEO

There are certain things that the search engines love to see about the different websites; this might include the information present on the web pages or how the other sources refer a particular website. SEO is the proper process by which the websites are optimized in such a way that they are liked by Google and thus can be found easily by the people.

How it works for your brand?

There are total ten positions available for every search results page. The search engine first analyzes the different web pages by using the different formulas and then gives the rankings to these web pages; so that they appear on the search results page. When people make the use of the different keywords for the search then they easily find the web pages that are optimized according to the proper guidelines of Google.

Types of SEO

There are two ways by which a website can be optimized for the search engines. These include White hat SEO and Black hat SEO. Like their names, these two types are also different from each other.

White hat SEO – It makes the use of the organic techniques and methods to improve the rankings of the web pages that are according to the proper guidelines of the search engine. These techniques are considered to be the most preferable techniques; though they are steady, still they provide the results that are long lasting. Some of the white hat SEO techniques include high-quality content, HTML optimization of the website, manual research, etc.

Black hat SEO - It exploits the weaknesses of the algorithm of the search engine to reach the top rankings. These methods are mostly conflicting to the guidelines provided by the search engines. The results are quick but are not long lasting. Some of these methods are keyword stuffing, link spam, hidden links, etc.

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What are its two Most Important Components?

SEO needs the proper balance of the onsite and offsite both; as these are the two important factors that are considered for the first page results.

Onsite optimization is related to the basic structure of the website and the content. It includes:

  • Identification of the best keyword clusters
  • Comparing the existing content with the identified keywords clusters
  • Developing the new content for targeting the identified keywords
  • Having the best website architecture

Offsite optimization is related with having the considerable inbound links from the other online sources. It includes:

  • Creating a high-quality profile and the incoming links
  • Active social media presence
  • Link building (including inbound links, outbound links)

What is Penguin?

Penguin is the part of the main algorithm of Google that makes the identification of the backlink compliance and then use the same information to develop the overall rankings. It was launched in April 2012 for catching the sites that are considered to be spamming the search results; especially those who buy the links or attain the links through link networks; that are designed for boosting the rankings. When the new update of Penguin is released then the sites that have removed the bad links might gain their previous rankings. Penguin 4.0 has recently released, and this update is different from the previous ones.

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